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Acquiring Perspective

I usually have to do regular checks with my cardiologist. This time was the first time was on Video Conference and of course new protocol. It is weird to get a cardiologist only to check you on video, but the Dr. knows me well to see if there is anything to be checked. After breaking the ice on the conversation, the chat started with the how do you feel and I addressed my answer like even though that it was a crappy year for everyone, I had the immense fortune to keep my job, be healthy, family healthy and also live in what I call home, and yes, I gained a few pounds because I had to be a home shelter, so, taking that perspective, I think I am pretty well

Please don’t take me wrong. I had the most exhausting year for my mind, and also, I guess it was the toughest on learning, so it wasn’t paradise at all. Still, the fact to be able to evaluate facts from different points of view helped me reduce bias and go away from mainstream comments.

Taking it to work-wise, we naturally tend to gather, team, or group with people whose thinking is alike (actually, people do that in every environment). The exercise I started doing is to leverage people’s opinions that aren’t at all alike mine — factoring in, seeing if there was the elephant in the room I wasn’t seeing.

It is a painful exercise, it leads probably to discussions, it is annoying for the first time, and probably you can’t do it every day. Still, it is worth getting everyone’s opinion and building your perspective or opinion among all the thought streams.

I like to be a perspective person, and I encourage everyone to train and use the rearview mirror to see where you come from, where you are, what you are and leverage that into the situation you stay in. There is much suffering, and after the exercise, you may probably find you aren’t in that wrong position after all.




Just a space for sharing my thoughts.

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Diego Varela

Diego Varela

Just a space for sharing my thoughts.

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