I know, I know, the name of the post is weird when you are talking about trips, but everything makes sense when it comes to Yosemite. Many of the Apple OS names have been taken from rock formations from Yosemite.

A friend of mine, who we will call Villa, decided…

Highway 1 — Between Monterey and Big Sur

Sometimes we don’t realize how lucky we are, and it is worth the time spent acknowledging it and being grateful about it.

After a year where even though here in California, things weren’t closed, many of the small commerces suffered in unimaginable ways the restrictions of gatherings. People went along…

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These notes are relevant for people interested in making changes on working units’ behavior from one is accountable for the results achieved from that group.

My experience is purely done on a Digital Native company, running units with its P&L, different sizes, different objectives…

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What is your legacy?

I consider myself a person who loves writing about learnings during life and experience than top-notch buzzwords that may resonate stronger even in my profile. The reason I chose to do this is that buzzwords are temporal, but learnings are forever.

I had the…

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Aprovechando Oportunidades

Francamente me siento muy afortunado en esta vida a pesar de mis inconvenientes de salud que he pasado que son de público conocimiento. …

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Acquiring Perspective

I usually have to do regular checks with my cardiologist. This time was the first time was on Video Conference and of course new protocol. It is weird to get a cardiologist only to check you on video, but the Dr. knows me well…

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What happened today with my time!

It is early 5 am, and I am already waking up, trying to use the most of my time doing things I have to do and doing things I want to do. Probably if I feel ok, I can go for a run to…

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The art of getting your Out of Office person

Let’s face it, you managed groups, and your reports will take a week eventually off. …

I read many articles and notes about team building and how to set up an A-Team to bring you to success. Too many buzzwords for me, so I want to express what I am and what I am not with my team. …

I mean, I didn’t get the illness (thankfully) but I am more over the fact of writing about the whole world situation rather than the illness itself.

Besides the factor that was completely unforeseen and took everyone by surprise, the hit each of us had, was different. Even though I…

Diego Varela

Just a space for sharing my thoughts.

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